Eminent Speech Story Arc

  1. Introduce Chris Hadfield as a child and Chris’ family. (1969, Sarnia)┬áChris is inspired by moon landing watches on TV. Include a sentence that describes how millions of children were inspired by the moon landing.
  2. Conflict is that Chris wants to be an astronaut, but fears the dark. At this time, Canada has no space agency, and even if they did, it would still be hard to do. Chris is still determined.
  3. Describe how Chris worked up to being an astronaut. Action rises as Chris gets older and takes different learning opportunities to learn skills that astronauts need. (Enrichment classes, Air Cadets and piloting license.
  4. Skip to climax, when Chris is strapped into the shuttle and is sent up to space station. Reveal in speech that the object I am talking as is the space station.
  5. Falling action describes what he did on the space station and his experiences. Describes why Chris is eminent.
  6. Resolution loops back to the beginning and describes how millions of children were inspired by Chris. His dream became a reality because he worked really hard for it. Explain what Chris did to inspire people.

Chris Hadfield and the Depths of Space

He went from watching the moon landing to flying a fighter plane to orbiting the earth. The first Canadian to walk in space, Chris Hadfield is my pick for my first eminent project of TALONS.

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As the grade eight year began to come to an end, I began to regain my love and curiosity of space exploration and what was beyond the oxygen barrier of our world. As a young boy, I had used to pour my heart, soul and imagination into space, deep thinking, celestial bodies and how it all got here. I began to think about massive glowing orbs of gas and rock, hurtling through the vast void known as space. I have always wanted to explore space, and when I heard about Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to do a spacewalk, I knew I wanted to study his journey, life, and how he had gone from watching to floating. I too, share a love of space and exploration with Chris, and at a young age, he watched the moon landing. However, I watched him sing from space to share his experiences, and was inspired to do something similar.

Obviously, becoming an astronaut is extremely difficult, but it was harder for Chris than it will for me, because Canada had no space program at the time. However, Canada has a space program, which makes it much easier for me to achieve my out of this world dream. Learning about the lifestyles, childhoods and progression of Chris Hadfield will help me gather up my motivation, intellect and stepping stones to become an astronaut. Keeping in mind that my dream is very far away, I can do it with persistence.

I have made goals as small stepping stones that may be useful in the future in my IEP, and have found that I unknowingly connected these goals to my end goal in this project. Staying organized is a skill that will help me in any aspect of life, not just Eminent, although it will help greatly. Astronauts must be organized, because misplacing something could cause a huge delay, which is a pain when you have a limited time to complete experiments in space. Time management also ties into staying organized, because schedules must be followed strictly in order to get things done. This will additionally help me enjoy Eminent without having to rush at the end to last minute prepare. I also believe that having a sense of community and doing things to help others while you are on the space station is important, because I believe that being on a spacecraft with not many other people can cause loneliness, so sharing experiences through social media can help. Listening to people on earth responding to you must be a great feeling with the isolation of space, as well as staying connected with others must give a good sense of being.

The lifestyle of an astronaut being so different was something that shocked me, and pulled me into studying Chris Hadfield. My fascination for exploring new frontiers and being one to help lead and contribute to human knowledge is why I want to learn about someone who has done it before me. I hope to learn about the everyday schedules and daily tasks astronauts must carry out, and learn if I may qualify to go up to space as well.

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I do not believe there are many differences between me an Chris Hadfield, so doing this project should be easier for me. We are both male, both from Canada, both inspired at youth, both interested in space and engineering, and both financially stable. One difference, Chris is Caucasian, and I am Asian, but this would not be a big issue because of both being Canadian. The places we grew up are different however, as I grew up in a compact neighborhood and Chris lived in a farmhouse. This may have had an impact on his perspective on space and life. This is the only main difference that may give me some trouble.

I am excited for my first in depth and am brimming with ideas on what to do! I am grateful for the opportunity to do this project, and would like to make it worth it’s value!


Dad is Dying Response

I believe that Sam “rescuing” his mother and father is not true. Sam has to lie to everyone, and ends up almost blowing it for himself. His mom and dad were happy, but how is that rescuing? The happiness is also only temporary for them. Sam’s lie did however, make some people happier, but also made some people lose something that they gave away. Because of this, the only people that should be happy are his parents, but the people around him were happy that his dad “recovered”. These upsides seem great, but only when the fact that Sam lied is put in, the scales topple, and the lie instantly makes everything worse. We are only shown the first bit, and never get to see if anyone finds out that he actually lied, even though he tried to clear things up and say it was his dog. He also took advantage of the situation, and began to ask for more luxuries because his dad was “dying”. In conclusion, the lie will always outweigh the positive impacts, and Sam’s decision should have been to tell the truth. Having a dog die can be troubling, and is still worth crying over.


What 4 letter word can be written forward, backwards or upside down, and can still be read from left to right?

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