Eminent Speech Story Arc

  1. Introduce Chris Hadfield as a child and Chris’ family. (1969, Sarnia)┬áChris is inspired by moon landing watches on TV. Include a sentence that describes how millions of children were inspired by the moon landing.
  2. Conflict is that Chris wants to be an astronaut, but fears the dark. At this time, Canada has no space agency, and even if they did, it would still be hard to do. Chris is still determined.
  3. Describe how Chris worked up to being an astronaut. Action rises as Chris gets older and takes different learning opportunities to learn skills that astronauts need. (Enrichment classes, Air Cadets and piloting license.
  4. Skip to climax, when Chris is strapped into the shuttle and is sent up to space station. Reveal in speech that the object I am talking as is the space station.
  5. Falling action describes what he did on the space station and his experiences. Describes why Chris is eminent.
  6. Resolution loops back to the beginning and describes how millions of children were inspired by Chris. His dream became a reality because he worked really hard for it. Explain what Chris did to inspire people.

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