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ZIP! Document of Learning #1 – Week 1

Over the past first week of ZIP!, I have worked on finding basics on writing more concise essays, and as I researched, I stumbled across a website with 10 tips on how to write more concisely. (Linked Below)


As I began to look through the tips, I realized that this was a great starting resource to move forwards in my research. Each of the tips sparked new questions, and even greater opportunities to go deeper into each tip. This has raised new questions as well, mainly “to what extent” questions. (ex. “to what extent should ‘multitasking’ in writing be used, if not all the time.”) This site has also made me rethink my schedule, due to the fact that I need to go deeper into some of the questions that have come up for a more in depth result.



10 tips for more concise writing

One Response to ZIP! Document of Learning #1 – Week 1

  1. Albert Radu says:

    Star: I think that it is great that you have a good reliable source to start your research project with. I personally haven’t found a reliable source yet, so keep building off of what you have found.

    Wish: I think that you could gain some more insight by talking to a professor or an English writer about your question. If you could get in contact with someone, it would provide you with an even better source of information than your website (I assume).

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