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As the wheels of revolution turn in any revolution, the same goes for the French Revolution. Similarly to other revolutions, the French Revolution was started when the people were unhappy with their ruler, or the state of the country. This could be because of the king being bad at managing the money or wealth that the country possessed, or was just a bad ruler overall. The people who wanted to form a resistance would try to fight back against the king or ruler, calling for a overthrow using new technology. In the case of the French Revolution, this exact scenario was seen taking place. A similar situation happens in the American Revolution. Two sides battle over becoming independent due to the British raising taxes for the Americans. The Americans won, and made their own government, a democracy, and the people were given equality and freedom. While the battle went on, the musket, gunpowder and certain medicine was developed to better fight for their sides.

At the end of the French Revolution, the people that started the revolution got what they wanted, which was to have a new ruler who would not be so greedy and send the country into debt. King Louis XVI was executed by guillotine, and governmental restructuring began to take place. This new governmental system, which replaced the monarchy system, was a strange ‘grey-area’ sort of way of governing, in which people had more political power, ending in a positive for them. However, this did not last very long and democracy eventually merged into the rise of Napoleon and conflicts with other European nations. As a positive, the people were happy with their new power in politics but were then lead by Napoleon, who faced a defeat in Egypt before hearing about the problems in France. After travelling back, he named himself “first consul” of France. This started France’s military power period, and ended the revolution positively for the people of France.

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