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"Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you"


A Wizard of EarthSea Anticipation Blog Post

Statement: It is possible to hide from the consequences of bad decisions.

It is not possible to evade repercussions of bad decisions. This is because the memory that you now have of the bad decision is now present, being a direct consequence of the decision. Since the memory is present, and you recognize that the decision was bad, you now have a negative consequence of a bad decision in the form of guilt. In most cases, a bad decision will also come back to haunt a person in not only a mental form, but also a physical form. This may manifest itself as other people being negatively impacted physically or mentally, such as if you made a decision to steal something, where the person stolen from has lost a physical item, or may feel sad about losing something precious. This is a direct consequence, and though you may be unaffected my the initial consequence, one bad action may lead to another in retaliation. Even though the consequence is not direct, and may not occur, it is still likely that the indirect consequence will affect you in some way. The fact that you have recognized a bad decision in the form of guilt, and that others may retaliate, it is near impossible to escape a bad decision.

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