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ZIP Proposal

This year for ZIP, I wanted to continue with my question from last year which was “what are things to look for in writing that make the piece more concise?”, but also wanted to cover more ground to further improve my writing skills. Since we just covered writing expository essays, I wanted to write a persuasive essay. However, that seemed a bit too plain, so I will be delving deeper into the psychological aspect of persuasive writing. My question this year is “what makes a good persuasive essay?”. In this inquiry process, I will be looking closer at how our minds are changed, and how I can improve my ability to make an argument that is convincing, clear and concise. Since I struggle with being convincing and making a good argument, I thought that applying it to my writing would help me learn more on how I can improve my public speaking.

As mentioned before, I find that it is hard for me to make a clear statement and back it up with evidence, so my knowledge of this topic is very simple and basic. I do not know any elements or strategies used in a good argument. However, I do find that organizing my writing into clear and concise paragraphs is easier for me to comprehend. By making my inquiry writing based, it will be easier for me to understand how to be more persuasive. Conveniently, persuasive essays are made for persuading, and will help me understand the concepts I want to learn.

Last year, quite a few people did questions related to my current inquiry, including how advertising works. Those people may be very helpful as I can take some information from there to apply to my own project. Additionally, since I am writing an essay, I can have other people read and suggest edits to the work. To learn how to write persuasively, I can also turn to some textbooks on how to write persuasive essays, but also can use the internet as a resource for samples of essays, learning how to write them, as well as finding psychological techniques to make my writing better.

To show my learning, I am going to be writing a persuasive essay on a chosen topic. Before giving the viewer the essay, I will ask their opinion on the topic, then as them to read over the essay. Then I will ask if their minds were changed in any way. I will also be displaying a list of some of the tactics I have learned and applied to the writing piece. Hopefully, I will change their view of the topic in some way, meaning that I have been successful in my research.


Jan 1st – 14th: Research Persuasive Essay Writing

Jan 15th – 20th: Research Essay Topic and Draft

Jan 21st – 27th: Write Essay

Jan 28th or 29th: Present!

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