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In-Depth Blog Post #1: A New Beginning

I have loved to play games all my life. From my first DS, to the games I play now, I have always wondered how they are made. So, for this year’s In-Depth project, I want to learn how to code a simple mobile game using JavaScript.

Ever since I picked up the DS that I got for Christmas years ago, gaming has been a major part of my life. However, I took them for granted much of the time, not realizing how much time and effort is poured into each and every game I have seen, played, and enjoyed. The main reason for doing this project is to experience the workload of creating a functional game firsthand, and to then be able to appreciate what game designers and coders do. By specifically pursuing 2D Android games, I will be able to understand the type of work that goes into these games, without being too hard for me. In addition, the games will need to use assets to function as a game, and since I cannot take images, sounds or music from the internet, I will make my own, making this a project to additionally strengthen my drawing skills, composition skills, and most importantly, my creativity. The final reason I want to code games is for myself, and my friends. I want to be able to not only code a game one time to enjoy for myself and others, but many times, reapplying the skills I have learned from this experience to have fun! So, my reasons for wanting to do this project are to learn a new skill/coding language, build an appreciation for the effort it takes to develop apps and games, as well as hone my art, music, and creativity, all while having something to take pride in.

At the time I am writing this blog post, I have a mentor, who has worked at a coding studio. He has plenty of experience with JavaScript, (the language I am learning) and is currently retired but still loves coding as a hobby. We have already met twice, and he has given me a basic overview of what I will be doing, as well as all the programs I will need on my computer to code, so I am all ready to start coding!

In-Depth looks promising this year, and I am excited to get back into one of the highlights of TALONS! Let’s jump right into it!

2 Responses to In-Depth Blog Post #1: A New Beginning

  1. Mulder says:

    You are off to a great start. I am impressed you have already met twice. What did your learn during these sessions?

    • dpoon says:

      At the first meeting, my mentor and I set up the program that I needed to start coding, ported in a test code to make sure it worked, and then discussed what I wanted to learn over the In-Depth process. During the second meeting, I got started with learning how JavaScript worked, and placed objects on the screen, which was ported onto my phone as an app.

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