Dylan Poon

"Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you"


Graphing Picture


For this image, I had to use a lot of parabolas and circles to try to get the curves around the outside of the dog right. I ended up using a mixture of square root, linear, quadratic and cubic functions as well as a few circle relations. The box around the dog was a bit easier, since i only had to use linear equations to trace the outline. However, it was here that I learned how to use domain and range more effectively, which allowed me to go back to refine the outline of the dog and clean up any lines that could be split into two parts. To make the facial features I mainly used parts of circles and parabolas and then learned how to use inequalities to shade in the parts. The main challenge I faced was trying to get into it at first. Initially, I tried to make an image of a dog, but without any guiding image to follow. This proved to be difficult, and while I did start over and restarted with a background image, I found it easier and easier as I progressed along. However, now that I had the background image to work off of, I managed to find a strategy to make the process easier. By creating the line at the origin first, I would then be able to create the shape first, match it up with the place it had to go, then move it to the correct position and finally, apply the domain and range. Overall, this was a fun, but challenging project that stretched the bounds of my graphing knowledge.

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